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Opinion by Monday Alade

The Osun Governorship debate was interesting. Iyiola Omisore was impressive and very articulate. He showed that he was once a vice governor and a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Apart from showing a class, he showed that he was fully aware and have rolled with the big boys.

The anchor wasn’t too exceptional. And some basic issues were not raised. The anchor didn’t question the candidates about their opinions on the death of late Chief Bola Ige especially given the way and manner he was murdered.

We were eagerly anticipating that the anchor will press the candidates on what they could have done to assist the Federal Government of Nigeria and ensure it gets to the bottom of the case.

The disingenuous manner in which the case was handled and investigated still raises answered question till date.

Late Chief Bola Ige, was one of the finest and most accomplished politicians to have come out of Osun State. A native of Esa Oke and an illustrious son of Osun was murdered in cold blood. For an erudite of his status to have died like a nobody and the people of Osun kept quiet and felt it was a cool thing in a federal system was alarming.

I really wish I was debating on that stage yesterday. I would have dressed up in an attire made up of the pictures of late Chief Bola Ige. I would invoke his spirit like the people of Osun and entire Nigeria have never witnessed before. Every single question I would have answered would have begun with the name and words of late Chief Bola Ige and ended with his quotes.

I would have seized the opportunity to let Buhari and his theatrical administration know that the beginning of the solution to the problems of Nigeria, can only be honest and assured only if it began with clarifying the mystery surrounding the death of Chief Bola Ige. I would have made my case and leave the judgment to the people of Osun.

The people of Osun should remember that, history is more than the path left by the past, it influences the present and shape the future. Democracy will die, the day truth is colored and history left untold.

Monday Alade

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